American Legion Training

A number of training programs and initiatives are available to American Legion Officers and Members. The foundational training for all Legionaries is the Basic Training course offered by the American Legion Extension Institute. The course is free, and Post 293 encourages all Legionnaires to take this course.

American Legion Basic Training

Basic Training is The American Legion’s official training program for officers, members, Legion College applicants, and anyone who wants to expand their knowledge of the nation’s largest veterans service organization. The program is available entirely online.

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National American Legion College

This week-long development course, led by American Legion Past National Commander David K. Rehbein (Chancellor), is offered annually in late October to leaders and future leaders of the organization to tackle challenges and maximize opportunities at the district, county and department levels. Curriculum is presented by subject-matter experts in an assembly setting with group break-out sessions to develop team-building skills. A tour of the National Headquarters facilities in Indianapolis is included. Course is limited to approximately 60 attendees, and applications must be approved by the applicant’s department to be considered.

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American Legion National Membership Workshop

The American Legion National Membership Workshop convenes each year in Indianapolis over two days in late July or early August. Department and District American Legion officers attend, learn, network and share best practices for membership growth and retention. Attendees hear from national leadership and guest speakers, followed by three concurrent breakout sessions including District Commander training, Department Membership Chairman training and Long-Term Membership Planning training. Subject matter for each workshop varies depending on trends and priorities. Attendees are prepared to face day-to-day membership opportunities and challenges. The workshop provides essential membership workers with the tools, knowledge and desire to conduct effective American Legion membership activities.

Any American Legion Family member may attend at their own expense. Attendees wishing to come should advise their respective department adjutants.

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American Legion Americanism Conference

The annual American Legion Americanism Conference consists of sessions for program chairmen. For programs such as American Legion Baseball, Junior Shooting Sports and Oratorical competition, the focus is on rules and rule changes for the coming year. The conference also has sessions involving programs such as Boys State, Boy Scouts and the work of Department Chaplains. Although designed for program chairpersons, the conference provides valuable information for anyone interested in Americanism programs. For information about the annual Americanism Conference, usually held the last weekend of September, contact The American Legion Americanism email inbox at or call (317) 630-1203.

LEAD Training

A one-day, eight-hour traveling training program, Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) offers 25 different classes. Participating departments can select any combination of classes adding up to an eight-hour training session. National staff experts provide instruction on a variety of topics, including fulfillment of American Legion “pillar” interests in Americanism, Children & Youth, Veterans Affairs and National Security. LEAD training classes are also offered in such areas as American Legion Riders, Health Care, VA Voluntary Services, Finance, Public Relations, Digital and Print Media, Fundraising, Post Operations, Membership Team Development, Disaster Preparedness and the National Emergency Fund, Train the Trainer, Effective Use of, Resolution Writing and Legal Procedures.

For specific information about LEAD Training, including scheduling, contact American Legion Membership Deputy Director Matt Herndon at, or call (317) 630-1330.

Service Officer Training

American Legion Service Officers include post volunteers who can refer veterans and families to proper support agencies and accredited Department Service Officers who operate larger programs to provide free guidance, counseling and personal assistance to veterans and families navigating their government veterans benefits. Accredited service officers may be qualified to obtain power of attorney for veterans, but in order to maintain accreditation, and to learn about changes in the benefits landscape, legal or medical, American Legion Department Service Officer School is conducted in the first quarter in Washington, D.C., and in the summer in Indianapolis each year. To learn more about American Legion Department Service Officer School, email or contact the Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation Division, The American Legion National Headquarters, Washington, D.C., at (202) 861-2700.

For more information regarding American Legion training programs, please visit the American Legion Training Page here.